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Derick started in the fitness industry over 15 years ago at a local health club in Northern Michigan. From there he has worked with clients in many locations throughout the states.

He started his fitness career with several certification including, personal trainer, nutrition and rehab.After holding certifications for some time he advanced with knowledge by completing his bachelors of science for health and fitness and nutrition. With his experience and knowledge; Derick is able to design tailored training routines along with very detailed nutrition assistance to insure your fitness goals.

Derick has spent many years competing in national level body building competitions along with assisting many of his clients to compete as well but don’t be fooled by thinking that is all he is able to achieve with clients. He can assist anyone, any age, any limitation in reaching their goal.

Derick’s nutrition assistance is like no other. He is able to design meal plans for any lifestyle to ensure that your hard work training is not wasted. With all this combines you are sure to reach you goal in and enjoy life along the way.

To contact Derick you can email him by cliking here ddecker3088@gmail.com

or call him at 231-649-4057