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Welcome To Paradise Health and Fitness

Paradise Health & Fitness is the brainchild of trainers Tom Wheaton and Alice Kolessar. It is Key West’s favorite Gym, Health, Exercise, Fitness, Body Training, and Weight Loss facility.

There Is No Limit to What You Can Do!

Come visit us a Paradise Health and Fitness and find out what we can do for you and you can do for yourself.

Workout Where Others Only Dream Of

Paradise Health and Fitness in the southernmost spot in the USA, Keywest

Paradise Health and Fitness Classes

Stretch & Tone with Margie

This wonderfully inspirational class is the perfect way to wake up and face your day. Margie leads her class through a series of strengthening and stretching exercises that improve balance and functionality. To learn more about our classes click here.

Body Challenges with John

This wildly popular class is filled with more moves than your senior prom. John has put together a challenging and effective strength training routine using an arsenal of resistance tools. To learn more about our classes click here.

Wake Up With Roberta

Join our Bert as she takes us through an ever changing routine. Every class is a new experience complete with themes as the seasons come and go. She even has music for Ground Hog Day. (Hint: It’s from the movie.) To learn more about our classes click here.

Ballroom and Salsa Dance

Now that ballroom is back in style come learn the tango, the meringue, and maybe even the cha cha. This class is also open to members and non-members alike for a fee of $3.00.   To learn more about our classes click here.

Yoga & More

This class is actually a blend of Yoga, Pilates and just plain Tino. Anyone can participate and feel wonderful as he glides you through graceful moves designed for every part of your body. This class is also $5.00 extra. To learn more about our classes click here.

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